About The Neighbours Project and Dylan Burr

I wanted to do an art project that wasn't artist self-wankery and something that could directly help a few people. I wanted to use wet plate collodion but it wasnt till I got further into the project that the process itself is an allegory to being homeless. It is a slow process that you must shoot and develop all at once without letting the photograph dry out. A main struggle for the homeless is the constant waiting. Wet plate is also a random and imperfect process. It is extremly hard to produce the same result each time. Similar to the personal stories of the homeless. Everyone has different reasons for being homeless and different things to overcome to get out of it. It is also a forgotten process and many of these people feel the same; forgotten.

My main job is photography and cinematography for weddings. This project was great for building dicipline and very different from the frantic pace of a wedding. It has made me more methodical, resulting in more purposeful digital images. No longer firing off hundreds to pick 1, I slow down to visualize, and shoot that one final image.

You can see my wedding work at Aventura Photo Video
You can also see more wet plate photography at Denver Wet Plate

My Neighbours co-producer, Addison Gunbert, is also a great photographer, holistic healer and yoga instructor. You can get in touch with her various happenings here.